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In the 2nd satsang, Sri M, after an introduction, answers many questions from the participants, in the retreat at Breitenbush, USA from the 2nd – 5th August, 2018.

Sri M is presently traveling in the US giving talks and satsangs in many places across the United States. For details about his programs in the US, please visit www.satsang-foundation.org.

00:00:00 – Shanti Mantra and an explanation of the mantra
00:06:46 – Sri M talks about how we view the world in the Waking state
00:22:51 – Sri M talks about how we view the world through perceptions in the Waking state
00:29:05 – Sri M talks about Time and how everything is always moving
00:30:28 – Sri M discusses the concept of time as described in the Ishavasya Upanishads.
00:52:21 – Sri M explains the Dream state Svapna Avasthā
00:58:18 – Sri M explains the Deep Sleep state with the story of Rishi Janaka and Ashtavakra Samhita
00:59:47 – Sri M explains Turiya – the Witness of the 3 states of Consciousness
01:03:41 – Sri M discusses how we can approach this subject practically through the science of Yoga
01:06:01 – Sri M initiates a Q&A session
01:08:30 – Q&A: Is the waking state actually a projected dream state because of our identity with the mind and body?
01:15:57 – Q&A: What is the technique of letting go?
01:19:29 – Q7A: What is fainting?
01:23:57 – Q&A: If the eternal “”I”” or existence is ever blissful, then what is this “”I”” which feels hurt or which has these impressions because of which you behave the way you do, if everything is so relative? If we try to let go of the worm that is there in our head then isn’t it that instead of letting go, deliberately trying to ger rid of something?
01:28:07 – Q&A: Does the unknown “”I”” give us all these experiences?
01:28:32 – Q&A: How we can uncondition all the perceptions we gathered by ourselves and from other people?
01:31:38 – Q&A: Questions regarding the perception of the red cube mentioned at the start of the discussion and how the senses are deceptive
01:35:52 – Q&A: Comment on the “”rhythm”” or vibration of individuals
01:41:17 – Q&A: In the dream state we have no control of the script but do we have control in the Waking State , or is it pre-determined?
01:45:09 – Q&A: Question about Samadhi
01:50:07 – Q&A: does letting go mean a non-confrontational life ?
01:52:39 – Q&A: Please speak more on the “”center”” that was mentioned earlier
01:56:47 – Q&A: Speak more about the senses
02:03:28 – Q&A: How does commitment and wanting to make good things happen come in to letting go and not hanging on and searching for good experience
02:06:04 – Q&A: Difference between ‘let go and rejoice”” and spiritual laziness
02:11:01 – Q&A: the contradiction of letting go and one point focus during meditation and how to reconcile effort and non-effort during sadhana”

Sri M, social reformer, educationist and spiritual guide studied the Science of Spirituality with the Himalayan Masters. He walked 4, 600 miles across India for peace and harmony and led similar walks in Germany, Netherlands, UK and recently in Switzerland.

Sri M’s message seeks to transcend the outer-shell of all religions, by exploring their mystical core to nurture the innate goodness in every human being.

His writings include his best selling autobiography, ‘Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master’ and its sequel, ‘The Journey Continues’ ; Wisdom of the Rishis; The Upanishads; The Little Guide to Greater Glory and a Happier Life; and Jewel in the Lotus: Deeper Aspects of Hinduism. His latest book and 1st novel – ‘Shunya’ is now available online and in leading stores in India.

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